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Christmas may be over but it’s still the holiday season and you can always use your favorite holiday spices year-round. There are few things that can instantly remind you of the holidays, no matter what time of year it is – the scent of a pine tree, the aroma of cinnamon and nutmeg – they instantly take you there.  Holiday spices are incredibly inviting, comforting and most of all, very beneficial to your health.

These spices hold a purpose beyond their delicious taste that you may not have realized before.  Your favorite holiday spices have wonderful health promoting properties that provide you with several health benefits to keep your immune system strong this season.

Benefits of your favorite Holiday spices…

Cinnamon.  Arguably the most popular of the holiday spices and the most widely used year-round.  Cinnamon provides a warming effect to your body in the cold months, boosts your immune system, stabilizes blood sugar and aids in digestion.

Nutmeg.  Another favorite holiday spice, nutmeg adds a punch of flavor with only a tiny amount needed, so use sparingly in small doses.  Nutmeg stimulates your digestion, helps in detoxifying the body and promotes healthy circulation.

Cloves.  Similar to cinnamon and nutmeg, cloves also help with promoting healthy digestion, which is certainly helpful after those heavy holiday meals.  Cloves are also beneficial for reducing phlegm, which is a common occurrence this time of year due to cold and flu season.

Rosemary.  A favorite to add to your roasted veggies, rosemary is a popular Mediterranean herb that can be used sparsely to add a punch of flavor to your dish.  Rosemary is helpful for natural stress relief, combatting inflammation, detoxifying the body and calming an upset stomach.

Peppermint.  The perfect follow-up to your hearty meal, peppermint is wonderful for aiding in digestion, relaxing the stomach and enhancing your mood.  Have yourself a cup of peppermint tea as a daily ritual during the cold months, and take notice of how different you feel.

As you can see, you have an array of health promoting herbs and spices to infuse into your kitchen this season.  

Whether it be adding a cup of peppermint tea to your post-dinner wind-down, a dash of cinnamon in your steel-cut oatmeal in the mornings, or sprinkling fresh rosemary on your roasted vegetables – take all the chances you can to enjoy these beneficial spices this season.

Bon appétit! XO Joyce

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