I’m Moving Back In With My Parents 3

So, I’m moving back in with my parents.

Say whaaaaa? Who moves back in with their parents in their 30s? This girl right here! It’s always been in the stars for us actually. When I left the nest at 24 years old, I missed my family terribly and my mom became my instant best friend. Since I no longer saw her anymore, we’d talk on the phone everyday for hours on end about everything & nothing. It was awesome. We’d dream about them moving out to Ohio when I had children of my own so they could help out. When I had my first child, they’d visit several times a  year thanks to Continental Airlines’ $99 roundtrip airfare from Newark to Columbus. Airfare that low is unheard of now, isn’t it? My mom was there for the birth of my first son and was so helpful those first few days, I remember crying so hard when she had to go back to NJ. She was still working so she had to get back to her own life.

Kids in a box 1

Nice! Those adorable babies I ordered finally came in!

Then when my daughter was born three years later, once again my mom was with me for the birth but on the same weekend, my father who stayed behind in NJ suffered a stroke, unbeknownst to anyone. Family friends reported he was acting weird at a party he attended that weekend. My dad is silly most of the time so we chalked it up to him just having a good time. The day after my daughter was born, my mom called him from the hospital and I could hear her asking if he was drunk. It was Sunday morning, how could he be drunk? Later that night when she spoke to him again, he was sounded very confused. I have no medical degree, but my intuition is strong and I immediately asked my mom if it was possible that he suffered a stroke or maybe hit his head. The next day, she urged him to go the ER and they ran some tests and sure enough, he suffered a mild stroke. I immediately started making flight arrangements for her to go back to NJ immediately (all from my hospital bed since I had a c-section) and she kept insisting that I needed her more. Of course I needed her, but I had nurses with me and my dad needed her more, so she flew back to NJ that night.

My dad’s medical issues just got more dramatic from there.

Prostate cancer. Several bouts of Pneumonia. (almost) Renal failure, the list goes on & on.  My God, I’ve never prayed as hard as I have in the past few years for this man.

I knew that us living together was even more of a necessity. Someone has to control what they eat. I’ve said it before but typical Filipino meals aren’t exactly the healthiest. Delicious? Absolutely but heart-healthy? NOPE. My mom has her own medical issues although not as severe as my dad. They’re only in their early 70s, and I know they’ve got plenty more healthy years ahead of them. My mom likes to travel and she deserves to travel. She’s worked hard her entire life and should enjoy her retirement to the fullest but every time she leaves, someone has to watch my dad and make sure he takes the right medications, keeps his doctor’s appointments, eats well, etc. It’s difficult to do that when I also have to run my own business a be a mom to three little ones and make the time to go to their house to take care of my dad too.

If you’re wondering where my husband fits into this equation, he’s all for it.

When my parents first moved to Texas five years ago, they stayed with us for a few weeks and we thoroughly enjoyed their presence. I think my husband was sadder than I was that they were leaving. My children, of course, loved seeing their grandparents and spending time with them. In fact, my daughter has made it a habit to have Saturday night slumber parties with her Nana twice a month. I love that they’re getting to know their grandparents, both sets of grandparents at that because I didn’t have that. I met my maternal grandparents a couple of times when I was younger and I knew my paternal grandmother but have never met my paternal grandfather. But my kids have all of these memories of them which they’ll remember for a lifetime and that’s just amazing to witness.

So sometime in early December, my mother decided to start looking at houses online. I told her it was too early and we should wait until the weather got warmer to seriously look at houses. But once she sets her mind on something, she won’t stop. She doesn’t even realize she does this and as I write this, I realize that I’m the exact same way.

When we returned from our holiday in NY, I asked her if she was serious about this because as I just said, once I put something on my radar, I don’t stop until it happens. She was serious and I immediately started searching for houses in our price range, with our desired specifications, etc. The first house I found went off the market the very next day it was listed. UGH! and it was PERFECT for us. Oh well, I’ve watched enough of House Hunters to know how this buying/selling process goes.

So we compiled a list and got together with our realtor to show us the homes.

The first home he showed us, we loved but once again, it went off the market the next day. Aaaargh! The second home he showed us was nearly identical to the first house he showed so we didn’t waste any time putting in an offer. Lo and behold, another buyer outbid us and the seller went with them. My mom was beyond frustrated but I just knew that it meant that those homes just weren’t meant for us. There was no rush and I was trusting the process and knew our perfect home was well within reach and that those two homes clearly weren’t it.

So we continued to see two other homes that we also loved but then my dad didn’t like them or the location wasn’t ideal for them. Meanwhile, my husband is away on business and just trusting whatever I show him (I love how easy-breezy he is!)

Remember that first house that caught my eye online that went off the market the next day?

Well, our realtor called to let us know that it was back on the market. So on a late Saturday night, he met us there to show the property. I wasn’t expecting much since it went back on the market, that meant something was wrong with it, right? Turns out, the first buyer’s financing fell through so that’s why it was back on the market. HALLELUJAH!

The house was perfect for us. Just as I knew it would be.

We put in an offer and the rest is history. We close at the end of this month & are in the midst of packing up TWO entire households to combine it into ONE. Stressful? Indeed but thanks to the Konmari Method, I’m figuring it out as I go along and being a self-proclaimed minimalist definitely has its perks.


Helloooo, new home!

Until next time…

XO Joyce

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