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From sales to personal training to bartending, I feel like I have done it all but always had a special interest in health & wellness. As a proud mother of three children (ages 9, 6, & 4), I want to ensure that they only eat foods that fuel their growing bodies and understand the importance of a well-nourished diet so that when they have children of their own, they spread the ripple effect to optimum health & wellness. This is especially important to me since I grew up in a typical Filipino household with my dad as the main cook. While his cooking was undeniably delicious, it was the usual Filipino fare consisting of fried foods, meats, and white rice which may have led both of my parents to several medical conditions including Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. I am determined to reduce these conditions for my parents to the point where they no longer need medications to manage their symptoms.

I don’t believe conditions such as these are hereditary. I feel that they are absolutely preventable and more importantly, completely reversible with diet & exercise alone.

My specialty is in thyroid disease related conditions as I am currently thriving with hypothyroidism and I love to work with busy moms who feel too overwhelmed to take care of themselves and show them how to find time to plan weekly meals for their families. Part of this includes taking care of our aging parents as well since far too often, senior citizen care is overlooked. As my parents are getting older and their doctor visits become more frequent, I see a need as a health coach to step in and make sure their golden years are well spent just by changing the food they eat and encouraging them to remain active.

Let me show you how I can hold you accountable and push you to meet your optimal health & wellness goals, schedule your complimentary health assessment now. Remember, nobody ever changed their lives by sitting still.



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