What Will Be Your Theme Word for 2017?

What will be your theme word for this year? As a mom, I inevitably throw theme parties for my kids’ birthdays, and enjoy theme-related activities with each holiday but how many of us have a theme word for our lives? Last year I didn’t select a theme word but looking back, I would say it was “chaos”. Not a very positive word, I know, but that’s exactly what it was. I was right in the thick of things with nutrition school and helping with the launch of my husband’s businesses and my mother-in-law’s major launch coming up and most importantly, parenthood. I finally potty-trained my last child (hallelujah!) in the first quarter of 2016, took three family trips throughout the year, prepped my daughter for Kindergarten and my son for the 3rd grade, cheerleading, gymnastics & karate practices & competitions all took up the majority of my time and like a good parent, you just go with the flow but then your own needs fall by the wayside.


So this year, my theme word is: abundance.

I truly believe that we all have the power within ourselves to manifest our heart’s desires…it’s how I won back the love of my life and how I got pregnant the first time.

I’ve never tried to manifest abundance.

I just accepted whatever was given to me. I never believed in myself enough to think that I was worthy or even capable for more than just “the bare minimum”. It sounds ridiculous to me now as I write this. So in 2017, I am going to focus on abundance. With everything. I am going to attract so much abundance in my life that it pours over onto you so you can reap the benefits too. I want to touch so many lives in a way that helps you see the bigger picture for yourself so you can look better and more importantly, feel better.

So tell me, what will be your theme word for 2017?

I hope you found this inspiring and truly select a theme word for yourself. Until next time, thanks for reading & be well. XO Joyce


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